Frugl Suz & Frugl Tix on the Frugl of the Year Competition

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Suzanne says:
Since we’ve started out in our quest to find the Fruglr of the Year, I’ve learned more ways to be ‘frugal’ than I thought were possible!

Last week, I took a leaf out of our Fruglr of the Week Paula Gwynne’s book, while I was out at the Seven Dials Festival in Covent Garden. She collects beauty product samples and uses them while on holiday instead of having to take bottles in her luggage. Spotting some women handing out free sachets of moisturizer & face cleanser from Fresh Cosmetics, I picked up one and then another couple when I happened to pass by them again. Before I knew it, I had a whole week’s worth of cleanser! (* Super Frugl! – Tix)

I’m also a huge fan of making sure that everything in my fridge does not go to waste so I really loved the suggestion by Penny Sue to make food that be reused into something else. My roast chicken often turns into chicken salad and, if I’m feeling really frugal, I sometimes use the bones and remainder of the chicken to produce a chicken stock I can freeze for use in other recipes.

KopQueen via Twitter suggested squashing a toilet paper roll to make it more challenging for children to pull too much off in one go. I find the same goes for adults and, similarly I use vertical kitchen towel holder that has a bracket in place to ensure I can only pull off one piece at a time. It now lasts three times long as it used to and saves me a fortune in the process.

Tix says:
Where to begin with all these great suggestions?
I’m not going to bury the lede: the first one I tried was the oats in tights trick from Groweatgift
First I had to find some tights. I didn’t have any lying around because I don’t roll that way. Seriously. I don’t. (*He totally does! – Frugl Suz)
I used an old sock that had worn down #cringe
Then I added some oats from my leftover stash of oats from my ‘thought-I-was-going-to-be-healthy-and-then-wasn’t’ period & VOILA! It worked! I encourage everyone to try this Frugl hack – it’s fun, cheap and surprisingly effective!

This one I have yet to try but rest assured I will from Phillipa McNamara :
Ask at train-station ticket offices to split your ticket at stops en route or visit as it often works out cheaper than a direct ticket #KeepItFrugl

Trains are a great way to see the country as well as good way to travel in general – finding any way to cut the pretty steep costs is always a Frugl Winner in my book!

Another great idea came from Ellie Sutch:
My #KeepItFrugl tip is – turn old stuff (like old, worn out clothes) into new stuff. I had a couple of pairs of old jeans that were faded, ripped, falling apart and no good to wear anymore. I wasn’t sure what to do with them but I came up with a jean-ious idea. I decided to get ‘crafty’ and make a patchwork denim cushion. OK, so it’s not the best, most perfect cushion ever but I made it over a rainy weekend, without any real idea what I was doing and I sewed it all by hand too so in spite of it’s imperfections (eg. the denim patches are a bit crooked!) I’m very proud of it. And the best bit is, the pockets make a handy place to keep the TV remote & my reading glasses so I don’t have to lose them anymore.
This was indeed: ‘jean-ious’! Well done Ellie!

Fruglr of the Year has been an amazing opportunity to learn everyone else’s tricks to save time and money. I love hearing people’s stories and this competition was a treasure trove of great ideas – so well done everyone for taking part. We hope that you continue to be part of the Frugl Family.

We will continue to run competitions like this and encourage our growing community of Fruglers to keep posting their #KeepItFrugl tips!

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