Frugl Local: Waterloo

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Not just your average tourist trap…

  1. The Archduke 

    Tasty steak, free weekend jazz and a crackling central London atmosphere make the Archduke one of Waterloo’s most popular places.

  2. Florence Nightingale Museum

    This is one of the capitals more unheralded and unknown museums, an excellent tribute to one of the Britain’s greatest ever citizens.

  3. Namco Funscape

    It’s big, loud, brash, soulless, corporate and so much fun!

  4. Horse and Stables

    Pub, kitchen and hostel. There’s a warm, friendly atmosphere, aided by well-curated live music and comedy nights.

  5. Make Space Studios

    Home to over sixty artists, designers and creative businesses working across painting, illustration, fashion and many more!


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  1. Hikari Sushi

    Affordable, healthy and authentically Japanese sushi.

  2. Travelling Through… 

    Love world culture, art and travel? This independent bookshop, café and art space is for you.

  3. I Knit

    A mecca for all things woollen, warm and cosy.

  4. Love and Scandal

    Coffee obsessive Fiona Thompson spent so much time working from cafes she ended up opening her own.

  5. Cafe Del Marsh

    Another little eatery on Lower Marsh with cracking craft beer and affordable wine with an inviting courtyard for sunny days.

Can tourists do how we do?

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