10 Cheap Eats in Birmingham: A World Tour

10 Cheap Eats in Birmingham: A World Tour

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We’re going on a trip…around the world! All in the name of food. What could be better? Oh yeah, not having to go very far. Here are our top 10 cheap round-the-world eats in Birmingham:

1. 24 Carat Bistro

The most expensive item on the menu is a Jerk Lamb Steak at £8.75! With mashed potato (you choose normal or sweet) and peas — topped with a red currant and mint gravy — there is no denying that this 6oz dish is as frugal as it gets!

2. The Warehouse Café

Birmingham’s flagship vegetarian restaurant is incredibly affordable.

For those with specific vegetarian (or vegan) dietary requirements, The Warehouse Café is your best bet. With their halloumi ‘fish’ and chips and vegan chocolate brownie, we’re sure they won’t disappoint.

3. Original Patty Men

A tenner will get you the Cheese, ‘Magic Shroom’ or ‘Big Verns’ Krispy Ring burgers and their ‘naked’ fries.

Nothing beats a good burger and chips, am I right?


Modu has set Birmingham aflame in recent months, all thanks to its fantastic Korean food.

Now, there’s now online menu so it’s difficult to tell how good value the food is for the money. However, we do know thanks to this review, that they have a four course menu at just £15 per person!

5. Minmin Noodle Bar

We couldn’t have a cheap eats post without at least mentioning something to do with noodles. There’s so much on their menu that it would be impossible to recommend just one thing.

6. Wrapchic

A wonderful hybrid of Mexican and Indian food, Wrap Chic is a feast for the eyes as well as the stomachs. Look at all that colour!

7. Love 2 Lounge

Head down to Love 2 Lounge for your frugal dessert fix!

Root around for that loose change tucked between the sofa cushions and scrape enough together for that cookie dough you’ve been craving (£4.95). Or you can head here to get afternoon tea for two for just £14 (usually £20).
8. Blue Ocean Café and Restaurant

Specialising in Singaporean and Malaysian cuisine, Blue Ocean offers a fresh angle on the Asian cuisine scene.

All their food is Halal, so you can eat without a worry.

9. 40 23 Mediterranean Food

What is says on the tin: 40 23 offers a delectable assortment of Mediterranean foods.

Although, your guess is as good as mine when it comes to exactly what the ‘40 23’ part of the name means.

10. La Vera

Wood-fired pizzas are difficult to resist for anyone. La Vera hankers down on the age-old craving for a crispy base and assorted toppings.

It will only leave a pin-sized hole in your pocket and if your sweet tooth is nagging you, treat yourself to Nutella calzone with banana or a straight Nutella pizza.


Enjoy your world trip around Birmingham and

#KeepItFrugl !

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