Where to Find the Best Charity Shops in London

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If you love charity shop shopping as much as I do, then you probably have your favourite shops that you return to time and time again, in the hope of bagging a bargain. And, if you’re anything like me, you keep the best shops to yourself so all the good stuff doesn’t get snapped up by others!

I’m going to let you in on a little secret – it’s not so much about the shop as the area. Affluent areas, in general, provide for rich pickings. St. John’s Wood has a couple of excellent shops, for example, as does Chelsea. West Hampstead is another good example with, as you might expect, quite a lot of mid-market High Street brands spread amongst its many charity shops reflecting its mainly young, professional residents. I once bought a pair of nearly new cowboy boots from the Oxfam there that retailed for about £295 for £29.

Swiss Cottage is another good source of bargains with the local Shelter shop there being the dropping off point for M&S samples, amongst others. My mother can’t resist dropping in there on practically a daily basis! It’s a lot more expensive than your usual charity shop but the clothes are all news, many still with tags. There’s also a few places around Marylebone including one on Seymour Place and George Street that are definitely worth a rummage.

In the West End, check out the the Salvation Army shop on Princes Street, hidden just off Regent Street, near Oxford Circus. I also like to make a pitstop at British Red Cross on Buckingham Palace Road, right around the corner from Victoria Station when I’m in that part of the world. A Moncler coat I purchased, for less than £20 from a charity shop on Earl’s Court Road, has seen me through three London winters.

If you don’t mind sharing your own favourite charity shop or charity shop area, leave a comment below. And, if you prefer to keep it to yourself, I completely understand!

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