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Thanks for signing up to use our platform.  This is the first in a series of blogs which should help you to get the most out of Frugl.


Whether your trying to fill extra seats in your restaurant or sell-out your comedy night we’re here to help you with flexible ticketing options. Being a promoter is a tricky job, so we thought we’d pitch in with what we’ve learned along the way so far  with our best tips.


First up we hugely recommend you take the best advantage of posting on Twitter. It’s such a hive of information that scattergun tweeting won’t do much for you. Instead, aim to tweet 3-5 times a day when people are most likely to be using Twitter: morning tea break, lunch hour, an hour before work ends when they’re clock-watching, early evening and sat in front of the the TV time. The best tools to do this are TweetDeck, HootSuite or Buffer, which help you schedule all your tweets in one go, so you don’t have to be permanently attached to your phone.

Make sure you add photos/GIFs to your tweets to make them stand out more and tweet about events a long time in advance. Even a week beforehand can make a big different to ticket sales. Last of all, try and get re-tweets from other local “what’s on” accounts and local businesses. It’s a really useful way of extending your client base.

Happy tweeting and we hope that you start the new year with big crowds coming to your events!


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