Promoter Advice: Getting the Most Out of Frugl.

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As well as using all kinds of clever digital tools for mailing lists and social media, we’ve got a few sneaky tricks up our sleeve to help you shift more tickets…


On our ticket pricing screen you’re able to create as many different types of tickets as possible. As well as the usual concessions for students and OAPs, we’ve worked with businesses that have found discounts for emergency services members and servicemen very useful, especially if you can get your paws on some of their mailing lists.


Early bird ticketing can be very useful. If you can let your audience know there will always be a small number of reduced tickets available for a limited period before the show it can be a great way to incentivise purchases, which then takes the pressure off you. There’s no time limit on your for creating offers, so if you want to shift some last minute tickets you can also use our tools to create a last minute price drop on the day of your event, or event with just an hour to go! There are always some eagle-eyed bargain hunters out there who’ll snap up your offer.


Don’t be afraid to use our special offers tab or give away free tickets. Especially if you’re launching a regular event from scratch the most important element early on is just getting bums on seats and giving them a great show. Then you can create loyal customers. We pride ourselves on presenting some of the finest free content – once you’ve persuaded people that you put on a great show then you can start charging more and relying less on offer. As ever, this is all trial and error – see what works for you.

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