Promoter Advice: Getting the Most Out of Facebook

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Last time we got in touch we suggested ways of using Twitter to sell more tickets. This time we’re going to give you the low down on Facebook. We won’t lie – Mr.Zuckerburg has made it a difficult platform to second guess, but there are some basics we can suggest.


It’s best to post 3-5 times a week on Facebook and you should always aim to add a picture or preferably a video to your post to make it stand out more. If you’re promoting a band/comedian you can rip this off YouTube easily, but if it’s for a special food offer see if there’s a way you can theme your offer to make it more memorable and funny. Just like Twitter, Facebook allows you to schedule posts on your business page, so you can get this all done in one sitting and it also rewards you for tagging in other businesses and people. Just use the ‘@’ sign followed by their name to find their page when including names in a post.


The ultimate key to Facebook visibility is shares. Firstly, aim to schedule a post for midday, which is the start of the window during which most people use it. Secondly, encourage friends, lovers, pets and business users to hit that share button. The moment you get even a few of these your post can be seen by 1000s of people.  Thirdly, use your Facebook posts to interact with your audience.  Especially once you’ve built up a solid number of likes on your page, use it to run competitions and polls of your followers and encourage them to comment on the post – it all helps to increase its visibility.  Lastly, if you have some spare cash, it’s definitely worth experimenting with targeting posts.  There’s no getting around the fact that this is very much a trial and error venture, but if you have a good idea of the sort of demographic your business is aimed at you can make Facebook posts much more effective.


Best of luck conquering Mount Facebook and we hope it brings you many more customers.

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