FruglPod: 1. Gods of Comedy

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Here at Frugl we’re committed to making sure you squeeze all of the best bits out of life, so we won’t just recommend great cheap places to eat, laugh, dance and relax, but also the best things to listen to on the way there.  Open your mind to a world of free possibilities and download some of our recommended podcasts…


  1. Gods of Comedy

Hosted by Christian comedians (no wait, come back!) Bec Hill and Brydie-Lee Kennedy, this charming, funny and enlightening podcast asks comedians to share their beliefs (or lack thereof) and talk about their philosophies for dealing with life as a comic and a human.  There are some genuine big league acts such as Sara Pascoe and Abandoman being interviewed, as well as a whole host of people who aren’t household names, but excellent company for an hour.


Bec and Brydie (plus their producer Liam) are both remarkable talents in themselves – respectively a hilarious artist polymath, making astonishing comedy flipcharts and punning her way to glory and as a heart-on-her-sleeve storyteller.  They are warm, friendly, gently inquisitive hosts who treat themselves and their subject matter with a lightness of touch and irreverence that is rare on such topics.  This is not a dry as dust ‘Thought For the Day’ re-hash, instead they interview a wide range of people from a huge array of religious backgrounds and help shine a light on little known practices, the day to day realities of various religious practices and have an excellent giggle going off-piste into some silliness, whenever the mood takes them.

The podcast starts with one of the two hosts relating a story about a part of their religious life, which quite regularly descends into silly giggles and interjections from the yet to be introduced guest.  After that and interviews that have taken in subjects as diverse as Occultism, Cthulu and how to summon gods (Ep 2: Andrew O’Neill), coming out as a Catholic (Ep 9: David Morgan), escaping Jehovah’s Witnesses (Ep 18: Deborah Frances-White) and being a lazy Hindu (Ep 33: Nish Kumar) the pod ends with a daft quiz.  Far and away the best of these are rounds with titles such as “hip-hop or holy text?” where guests have to tell the difference between the works of some of the greatest lyrics-spitters around and history’s most famous prophets.


There are over 30 episodes to make your way through, with more on the way, and a whole range of fascinating people to listen to, so why not let a little bit of God (or the Devil) into your life and raise a smile on your journeys.

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